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Act before anyone else to take advantage of commodity market, port and fleet trends

Vessel availability

Secure trade partners by identifying open ships

Predicted routes and arrivals

Plan better with predicted vessel routes and live ETA

Cargoes and tonnage

Gain visibility into commodity cargoes and trade activities


Global tonnage moved in Wet/Dry bulk markets


Daily data points analyzed at FreightFlows

What we do

FreightFlows provides a data platform to source, synthesize, and analyze current market data to allow our customers to optimize operational decision-making and risk management.

Customers use our market analysis to trade confidently in futures markets, reduce commercial risk, hedge against freight rate volatility, close more business, and bring predictability to commercial operations.


Explore details about vessel fleets and ports. Our self-serve API is the primary interface as it allows users to immediately query data, analytics and predictions in our system to work within you data and visualization tools.

Vessel Availability

Identify when and where vessels will be available. Analyze individual market activity with a rolling 14-day predictive vessel availability count by fleet type and region.

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